Referring to MST: An Easy Choice for a UK Social Worker

By Tracey D., Social Worker (5th February 2016)

A difficult case with few good options

He and his family were on my caseload. He was on my mind. He had previously been a “looked-after child” [in foster care] and was now at risk for becoming one again. The boy was displaying several behavioural problems—increasingly becoming involved in gangs and drugs. He had been stabbed, and his whole family was concerned about his safety and well-being. His stepfather was isolating him from other family members, and the parents were constantly arguing.

Kicking the habit: How MST is helping young people give up drugs

By Eileen Fursland 16th February 2016

To read the full article please visit: Children & Young People Now

International Innovation Article

28th January 2016
Drs Cynthia Cupit Swenson and Cindy Schaeffer are developing evidence-based methods for delivering support to families who have experienced child abuse, neglect or substance abuse. In the article - Family-based solutions for child abuse and neglect - they discuss their motivations and work to date

What is MST Like: A Child's Perspective

Kieran Lord, MST Supervisor Leeds City Council, UK and Sarah Gilbert, MST Therapist, Trafford MST Team

A child talks about his experience with Multisystemic Therapy

Capturing the voice of the young person is often difficult in MST, but it is a critical part of the story that begs to be told. Community stakeholders and families alike often ask, “What about the young person? How does this program impact his or her life?” During a recent event, the Trafford MST team in the UK found a unique way to bring the voice of the young person to life.

Every school will have a mental health champion

3rd December 2015

The Times (Rosemary Bennett) reports that schools will have a mental health champion appointed to them to identify and treat children suffering from anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. Over 250 schools have agreed to the trial with a teacher, nurse or teaching assistant to be selected to act as the “point of contact.” That person will work with their local NHS children’s mental health service and aim to get the correct treatment for a child.

STEP Change team update

The STEPs B trial is continuing to March 2016 and has spaces for referrals

14th September 2015

STEPS-B (Services for Teens Engaging in Problem Sexual Behaviour) is a research study investigating a form of intervention for young people and their families where young people are displaying problem sexual behaviour. These young people may also be having difficulties at home, at school and sometimes with the law.

North Yorkshire and Sandwell & Dudley teams up and running!

10th July 2015

Two new MST teams in North Yorkshire and Sandwell & Dudley have successfully completed their training and are ready to take referrals.

Social Impact Bonds Help MST Make Impact in Essex

10th July 2015

Click here to read the update from Tim Bryson, Essex SIB Director



Intensive ways of working with children on the edge of care are worth the expense, says Action for Children

By Luke Stevenson on June 4, 2015 in Children & Family support

A charity has praised the “reliability” of outcomes from two models developed in North America that requires intense work with families and vulnerable children.

Action for Children, in its annual ‘Impact Report’ published this week, praised the Functional Family Therapy (FFT) and multi-systemic therapy (MST) methods it is using to work with children.

Early interventions to stop young people going off the rails could save £1.7bn a year, say leading charities

The Independent Tuesday 5th May 2015

Click here to read the article by Sarah Cassidy, Education Correspondent at The Independent


Future in mind: Promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

17 March 2015

Poor mental health is the largest cause of disability in the UK. It’s also closely connected with other problems, including poor physical health and problems in other areas like relationships, education and work prospects. If we want to improve these aspects of people’s lives, we’ll need to make improvements to mental health and wellbeing.

MST-FIT road test in the UK

16th January 2015

MST FIT in the UK

MST Northamptonshire teams scoop surprise High Sherriff’s Awards!

26th February 2015

On Thursday 26th February 2015, to the surprise of the MST Northamptonshire teams themselves, during their quarterly MST Board Meeting, the MST Supervisors and Business Support Officers for both MST Teams in Northamptonshire, England, were presented with High Sherriff’s Awards by Mrs Anne Burnett, High Sherriff* of Northamptonshire.

MST-PSB Sheffield Team update

The Sheffield MST-PSB service became operational in September 2013 funded by a 2 year grant from the Department for Education (DfE). It was set up as a joint co-ordination between Sheffield Children, young People and Families (CYPF) portfolio within Children’s Social Care and Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The Sheffield MST-PSB service was the third such service to be developed in the UK and the first in the northern region. Two services already exist, one in London and one in Cambridgeshire.

Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being Taskforce

14th October 2014
The Care and Support Minister, Norman Lamb, has launched the Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being Taskforce. The Taskforce will focus on innovative solutions that that improve outcomes for children and young people’s mental health and well-being.  It will look at how to improve the way children's mental health services are organised, commissioned and provided and how to make it easier for young people to access help and support across the sectors, including in schools, through voluntary organisations and online.

MST Knowsley is up and running

29th September 2014

The Knowsley team have succesfully completed their orientation training and are ready to take referrals. Click here to find out more about MST teams in the UK

Early Intervention Foundation Guidebook

21st July 2014
The Guidebook can now be found online at: here to view the MST section.
The Early Intervention Guidebook is designed to provide advice for professionals developing early intervention programmes and systems. The aim of the Guidebook is to support commissioners of services, policy-makers and practitioners to base their choices on the best available evidence.

European MST Conference, London 2014

14th May 2014

The second European Conference took place on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th May at Central Hall Westminster, London. Over 500 people from MST organisations across Europe attended the conference to share learning on a range of topics ranging from implementation to practice and research. Training workshops were run for MST Business Support Officers, Therapists, Supervisors, Programme Managers and Stakeholders.

MST Essex Social Impact Bond

19th February 2014
The MST service in Essex is a partnership between Action for Children, Essex County Council and Social Finance UK.  Please follow this link to view a short video about the service:
David Derbyshire, director of practice improvement at Action for Children, said: “MST is an internationally-recognised intensive family- and community-based programme which targets multiple causes of serious anti-social and/or criminal behaviour in young people.