• MST Helps Keep Son at Home She didn't think MST would work, but now this Scottish mum is grateful she gave MST a chance so her son could remain at home Sean*...
  • What do families think about MST? Please visit the "What families say" page for an insight into how the MST programme is viewed by the families who have...
  • World Mental Health Day 2017 Mental health in the workplace is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017. The overall objective is to raise awareness of mental health...


Presented by Knut Taraldsen at the European MST Conference, London 2014.Read more
Presented at the European MST Conference, London 2014 by Peter Fonagy FMedSci FBE OBE (Chief Investigator, START Trial, UCL) with the...Read more
Presnted by Sonja Schoenwald at the European MST Conference, London 2014.Read more
Edited by Zoë Ashmore, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and Richard Shuker, HM Prison Grendon, UK...Read more
Published on the Coventry City Council Beacon, 7th August 2015Read more
Laura J Damschroder*1, David C Aron2, Rosalind E Keith1, Susan R Kirsh2, Jeffery A Alexander3 and Julie C Lowery1Read more
Joanna C Moullin1*, Daniel Sabater-Hernández1,2, Fernando Fernandez-Llimos3 and Shalom I Benrimoj1...Read more
Mark S. Bauer1,7*, Laura Damschroder2, Hildi Hagedorn3, Jeffrey Smith4 and Amy M. Kilbourne5,6Read more
Lawrence A. Palinkas • Dahlia Fuentes • Megan Finno • Antonio R. Garcia • Ian W. Holloway • Patricia Chamberlain...Read more