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What is MST?

MST is an intensive family and community based intervention for children and young people aged 11-17, where young people are at risk of out of home placement in either care or custody due to their offending or having severe behaviour problems.
The key goals of MST are to break the cycle of anti-social behaviours by keeping young people safely at home, in school, and out of trouble.

MST teams in the UK & Ireland

What is MST-CAN?

Multisystemic Therapy for Child Abuse and Neglect (MST-CAN) is an adaptation of MST to treat families where children are at risk of care due to physical abuse and/or neglect.
The Goals of MST-CAN
1. Keep Families Together
2. Prevent Re-abuse and Neglect
3. Reduce Mental Health Difficulties Experienced by Adults and Children
4. Increase Natural Social Supports


Setting up an MST team

The National MST UK team will support you through the site set up process, from an initial needs analysis of your local population to the recruitment and training of your MST team.

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Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

Breaking the cycle of anti-social behaviour by keeping young people safely at home, in school and out of trouble.

“You have done the unimaginable. If it wasn’t for your guidance our family would no longer be a family. We thank you for all of you have done and will never forget you." (MST parent)

"I’ve stayed in college. I was very surprised about that. I know my mum was surprised at that but I stayed in college for 2 years. I’ve denitely got my head on my shoulders. I know what I want to do now for a fact so that’s really good." (Sammi, 18)