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Grant funding
Please visit Funding Central for a range of information about grants, contracts and loans.
Social Impact Bonds (SIBs)
A SIB is a source of funding offered by charitable investors who are looking for social returns on their investments, rather than a profit. The SIB offers an investment opportunity for programmes or schemes that improve social outcomes and result in public sector savings. Only when these are savings are realised is repayment expected. These repayments can be fixed to (or below) the savings made, or financial incentives received, to ensure that the project yields positive benefits for all participants.
One of the advantages of a SIB is that ‘intermediaries’ will lead and facilitate direct liaison and contracting between the investors, commissioners and providers.  Companies such as Social Finance UK or Bridges Fund Management act on behalf of their investors to develop the payment-by-results contracts, design payment structures, manage impact measurement and performance management to maximize the success on any investment.  Given that returns are entirely dependent on outcomes it is in the best interest of the intermediaries to put every effort in to ensure programmes and schemes succeed.
Achieving for Children is another social enterprise company that delivers a full range of children’s services.

For more information about SIBs and how to find investment through SIBs please follow the links below:

Our Library also features a presentation giving a brief Overview of Outcomes Contracts, which was delivered by Bridges Ventures.
Big Lottery Fund
Every year Big Lottery Fund distributes millions of pounds of National Lottery funds to charities and community projects around the UK.  Their website has a wealth of information about what funding opportunities are available, guidance about how to apply for funding and examples of current programmes being funded.  
For further information please visit the Big Lottery Fund website https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/funding
Life Chances Fund
The Life Chances Fund (LCF) is an £80m fund, committed by central government to help people in society who face the most significant barriers to leading happy and productive lives. It will provide top up contributions to outcomes-based contracts involving social investment (Social impact Bonds). These contracts must be locally commissioned and aim to tackle complex social problems.
For further information please visit the Life Chances Fund website
Children and Young People Now
This is an online magazine that covers news and related articles about good practice and research across many areas such as Social Care, Youth Justice, Law, Housing, Education and Health.   They have a register of funding opportunities in England which you can find by clicking here