First MST for Child Abuse & Neglect (CAN) Expert hired outside of MST Services

August 2016

Dr Martin Robinson - a consultant for MST-UK at the National Implementation Service - is the first MST-CAN Expert to be hired outside of MST Services . In August, he successfully helped to train a new MST-CAN team in Rotterdam as MST-CAN expands around the world.

Martin currently works with Leicester and Nottingham CAN teams and is looking forward to working with new CAN teams in Leeds and Newcastle in the coming months.

MST-CAN is an evidence-based programme designed to treat young people aged 6 to 17 and their families who are subject to a child protection plan. MST-CAN works with families to keep children at home with increased safety. The focus is providing treatment to the whole family with special attention given to parents to overcome some of the challenges they face to parenting.

For more information about MST-CAN, please visit MST Adaptations