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Managing your wellbeing during Coronavirus

April 2020

MST teams are continuing to offer support during the Coronavirus outbreak. We appreciate that there is a lot of uncertainty which is causing worry and anxiety for many people. Some may have concerns about how to stay well and healthy, and not pass the virus onto vulnerable loved ones.

Government recommendations around social distancing, staying indoors, and schools closing will have an impact on us all. 

Good mental health and positive wellbeing can help you better cope with the disruption Coronavirus is creating in our lives.

MST-UK & Ireland is based at the South London & Maudlsey NHS Foundation Trust, which has posted advice and useful sources of support on its website:

For children & young people:


For parents:


Other resources:


Please note that not all of the services listed will not be available nationally - if you have any queries, please contact your local MST team.