A big welcome back for MST in Sheffield!

8th February 2019

About 100 staff from agencies across Sheffield attending the MST launch last Wednesday in the Town Hall. Following an informative talk from a national MST lead, there were speeches from partners (including the Police, Education and YJS). Then everyone had a go at an MST exercise with a prize for the best ‘fit’. Helen and Anna collated and answered the many questions.

What was totally evident from the whole event was how pleased all agencies are about MST coming back to Sheffield and how valued it is as a service.  One example of MST working well is this family who have had an MST therapist working with them for 3 months. Referral behaviours were physical and verbal aggression at home and school and risky behaviour around managing medical needs.  The young man is now managing his aggression at home and school and attendance has improved, his mother has said:

"They’re a lot better, we can sit in a room and we’ve started to do things as a family because now it’s not a case of we’re not going out because I can’t trust YP, as in going out and not kicking off……..It’s changed because it’s like all the other professionals are not listening to what I’m saying. When I’m saying stuff blah, blah, blah and they look at me like ‘nar’. Alex doesn’t judge me, she listens to what I’ve got to say and gives me ways to try and calm the situation down or just try and get out”