• Celebrating Black History Month 2023     Natalie Wilmot, Office Manager and Training Coordinator, reflects on what Black History month means to her and the black...
  • 10 years of MST in Leicester We congratulate Leicester City Council on ten years of MST practice! We were thrilled to be able to join them in their celebrations in...
  • Croesco to North East Wales The first MST Family Integrated Transitions team (MST-FIT) in Wales! The team will deliver MST FIT across two local authorities, Wrexham...

Press Releases

New programme to protect children at risk of exploitation
9th May 2019
Department for Education and The Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP
Edward Timpson publishes landmark exclusions review
7th May 2019
Department for Education and The Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP
NHS sleep programme ‘life changing’ for 800 Sheffield children each year
28th Apr 2019
By Denis Campbell
County lines gangs: how drug-running is fuelling knife crime
9th March 2019
By Mark Townsend
Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening
5th March 2019
By Emma Young
‘Hangxiety’: why alcohol gives you a hangover and anxiety
27th January 2019
By Amy Fleming
Reflecting on the first children's social impact bond
7th December 2018
By Tom Jefford
Young people deserve a second chance
26th October 2018
Mental health in schools: Make it Count
10th October 2018
Social care research & mental health: what lessons can be shared on World Mental Health Day?
10th October 2018
By Mike Clark
Greater Manchester child mental health care to get boost
10th October 2018
BMA article highlights the benefits of MST
30th August 2018
By Keith Cooper
Excluded pupils 'abandoned by schools'
25th July 2018
By Sean Coughlan, BBC News education and family correspondent
Global award for Northamptonshire social worker with 'passion, dedication and genuine kindness'
6th June 2018
By Alastair Ulke, Northampton Chronicle & Echo
BBC News: Poorest areas face biggest cuts to children's services
6th February 2018
Social affairs correspondent, BBC News
BBC News: 'We're scared of our adopted son'
1st October 2017
One couple says more needs to be done to help parents struggling with children who exhibit violent behaviour. 
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What makes a psychopath?
BBC Horizon with Uta Frith
30th August 2017
Psychopaths have long captured the public imagination. Painted as charismatic, violent predators lacking in all empathy, they provide intrigue and horror in equal measure. But what precisely is a psychopath? What is it that drives them to cause harm, even kill? And can they ever be cured?
The Child & Family Clinical Psychology Review - No 4 Winter 2016
2nd November 2016
The British Psychological Society have published a review of what good could look like in integrated psychological services for children, young people and their families with preliminary guidance and examples of practice.
MST Sandwell featured on BBC Midlands Today
To view the news article please visit the Midlands Today Facebook page (6th October 2016)
The excellent work of the MST team in Sandwell has been heralded on BBC News which highlights the difference they are making in the lives of young people and their families.
I'm Broken Inside: Sara's Story
Sara Green was a teenager betrayed by a mental health system designed to protect her. Using Sara's own words taken from her diary, Panorama reveals the failings of a Priory hospital where she was an inpatient and where she took her own life in a misjudged cry for help. Peter Marshall asks what lessons can be drawn from Sara's story and what can be done to fix the country's broken child and adolescent mental health system.
International Innovation Article
Family-based solutions for child abuse and neglect. By Cynthia Cupit Swenson; Cindy Schaeffer
The National Implementation Research Network's Active Implementation Hub - an online resource for implementation science
Useful UK documents on substance misuse
Early interventions to stop young people going off the rails could save £1.7bn a year, say leading charities
Sarah Cassidy, Education Correspondent, The Independent Tuesday 5th May 2015
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Multisystemic Therapy Helps Families Identify Teen "Safe Houses" in UK
Posted by Moira Lamond & Stephanie Schutte (MST Supervisors) 1st April 2015
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Finding the Right FIT for Mum and Son With Multisystemic Therapy
By Emma Lowe (MST Therapist) 26th March 2015
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Youth Adopting Legal Highs Change Face of Drug Misue in UK
Posted by Colette Beatson and John Cooper, 11th February 2015
Click here to read their article.
Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being Taskforce
14th October 2014
The Care and Support Minister, Norman Lamb, has launched the Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being Taskforce. The Taskforce will focus on innovative solutions that that improve outcomes for children and young people’s mental health and well-being.  It will look at how to improve the way children's mental health services are organised, commissioned and provided and how to make it easier for young people to access help and support across the sectors, including in schools, through voluntary organisations and online. The Taskforce will publish its findings next spring. For more details please click here.
Early Intervention Foundation Guidebook
21st July 2014
The Guidebook can now be found online at: http://guidebook.eif.org.uk/
Click here to view the MST section.
Forensic Practice in the Community- published 18th July 2014
Edited by Zoë Ashmore, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and Richard Shuker, HM Prison Grendon, UK.
Forensic practice in the community is a neglected subject. There are many books looking at forensic work in secure settings, such as prisons or hospitals, but very little has been written about forensic practice in the community. This book describes the current and exciting developments in this area, for both young people and adults, by leaders in their field.
Multisystemic Therapy as an Intervention for Young People on the Edge of Care
British Journal of Social Work Advance Access - published May 28th 2014.
Simone Fox and Zoe Ashmore
NICE launches guidance on anti-social behaviour and conduct disorders.
27th March 2013
On Wednesday 27th March, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) issued the clinical guidelines, Antisocial behaviour and conduct disorders in children and young people: recognition, intervention and management. This updates and replaces 'Parent-training/education programmes in the management of children with conduct disorder' (NICE technology appraisal guidance 102, published June 2006).
Early Intervention Foundation
7th March 2014
Graham Allen MP and Chair of the Early Intervention Foundation published two reports about early intervention in January 2011, which can be found in the resources section. Please follow this link to view a short introductory video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyqInuAgORA 
Finding the King!
24th February 2014
Click here to read Sarah Whittle's blog about MST Leicester and the discovery of King Richard III's remains in a car park next to the team's office.
Good Deals 2013 SIB Case Study: MST Essex
19th February 2014
The MST service in Essex is a partnership between Action for Children, Essex County Council and Social Finance UK.  Please follow this link to view a short video about the service: https://vimeo.com/77999970
MST Cheshire wins 'Partner of the Year' award
13th December 2013
The MST Cheshire team were awarded  ‘Partner of the Year’ from Cheshire East Youth Engagement Service! Congratulations and well done for all of your efforts and hard work over the year which has contributed to positive joint working with the Youth Offending Team and Youth prevention Team.
Better data will help early intervention teams protect vulnerable children
Professionals can't build the case for early intervention if they don't have the data. Jonathan Godwin
5th December 2013
Guardian article about Social Impact Bonds
6th November 2013
"We weren't achieving potential before social impact bond, says charity
The head of community services at a charity working with ex-offenders says the organisation has detected clear trends among clients who were 'drifting off' from its service"
THINK Family Partnership Event, Leicester
30th October 2013
Department for Education - Looked-after children: improving permanence data pack
9th September 2013
The only way is Essex, as council lays foundations for social impact bonds
Momentum is growing for SIBs but investors should be cautious. Dan Corry and Marianne Atterbury
11th June 2013
Opportunities to stop girls drifting into gangs are being missed, study finds
Effective early intervention can support those at risk of joining gangs to build better lives. Lorraine Khan
21st May 2013
International acclaim for family support in Trafford
7th May 2013
Last month saw Trafford’s Multi Systemic Therapy team (MST) awarded the prestigious ‘Whatever it Takes’ International Team of the Year award at the MST international conference in South Carolina, America. Read more about this story.
MST Merton, Sutton & Kingston - Health Service Journal 2012 Award for Improved Partnerships between Health and Local Government winners!
21st November 2012
For more information about the HSJ awards please visit http://www.hsjawards.co.uk/home